“It’s Time”

It’s been almost a month since I finally told myself “It’s time”, time to get in shape! The goal is to tone up and just be a healthier me. In the past I worked out here and there about once a month and ate whatever I wanted. This time I want to focus on making healthier decisions and being more persistent. Although I have been working out for almost a month I recently signed up with a gym with a girlfriend of mine. That made it clear that there’s no turning back and it’s time to get serious.

First day at the gym we decided to try out a boxing class and I think we’re hooked! We bought gloves and wraps and are attending it on a daily basis now. Every trainer teaches differently but I love how I was able to get a full body work out and really push myself without feeling embarrassed. I get the saying “No pain no gain” now and It just motivates me even more to be a better me. I’m hoping I can share some results in a few months since this is a slow work in progress transformation 😊. Stay tuned!



Bye french fries 😢


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