Hearst Castle

My girlfriends and I decided to take a weekend getaway trip to drive along the PCH from Los Angeles. We were to check out Hearst Castle, which has been on my list for awhile now. I don’t know why I waited so long to see this place, but it was definitely worth the visit.

On our way to the castle from the visitor center, on the shuttle, I automatically fell in love with the breathtaking view of the coast as I looked out my window. While on our tour I couldn’t get over the beautiful architecture and how well maintained the gardens were. There were flowers everywhere. My favorite area is the Roman Pool which is an indoor pool; and is decorated from the ceiling to floor with small glass tiles called smalti.

After the tour we spent hours walking around and took a lot of pictures. I really wish I lived here! A girl can dream right? 😊

If you have not been to Hearst Castle and it’s on your “Places to visit” list, please do so! It’s absolutely gorgeous.Hearst 8Hearst 13Hearst 14IMG_0630Hearst 12AIMG_0616IMG_0743Hearst 5

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