Girlfriend Leggings

I heard about these amazing and comfortable leggings from Girlfriend Collective on and was intrigued. What caught my attention was these leggings were for FREE! I only had to pay for shipping, which I didn’t mind. It did take a while to receive them, which I was aware when I placed my order. After 3 months of waiting, the day has finally come! As a designer working with all sorts of fabrics, the first thing I noticed is how soft the material was and I couldn’t wait to try them on. As I was putting them on, I felt it was a little snug and would have liked it to have a little more stretch. Besides that the material felt great and it held everything in place making my legs look nice & slim. What really got me to buy these leggings is knowing that they come from a factory with fair wages and the material is 100% recycled. Unfortunately their legging campaign is over, but I can’t wait to see what they will have next!

Outfit Details: Sports Bra – Forever21 / Leggings- Girlfriend Collective

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