The Color Factory 

This past weekend I made a trip to San Francisco to check out The Color Factory. If you love colors then this place is perfect for you. The color factory is a two story Interactive exhibition for all ages. I was able to purchase tickets right when they were released. Unfortunately now tickets are currently sold out, but fingers cross hopefully they’ ll add more dates soon.

As a blogger I’m always taking photos to share and one of my favorite feature at the Color Factory were the photo spots! When you walk in you’re handed a card that you register with your email. Some rooms have a photo spot that tells you where to stand after you scan your card. There is a 5 second count down (like a photo booth!) which is more than enough time to get your pose right.  After your picture is taken it automatically sends it to your email. The quality of the photos I have to say are impressive. See for yourself 🙂

 (Taken by The Color Factory Cameras)

(Taken by The Color Factory Cameras)

(Even the bathrooms are cute!)

(Outfit Details: No Drama Club Tee – Ban.dō)

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