Free Your Mind

A three day weekend getaway to free my mind was what I needed. I’ve been a fashion designer for the past ten years and I love what I do. Being a designer is more than sketching, shopping and coming up with cool or pretty ideas. The industry is like a roller coaster and you have to be mentally prepared for the highs and most importantly the lows. 

I was recently laid off my job and I’m ok with it. I don’t look at it as if I was “Not good enough”,  because I know what I am capable of and I also know when to stop and breathe a little. I was working more than eight hours a day, brought work home, worked on weekends, and even on my vacations. When I was told the unfortunate news, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt like I can breathe, and enjoy other things in life again. The first thing that came to mind was “I’m going to take a break and free my mind”.   

This past weekend was the perfect opportunity to clear my mind with some adventure. My boyfriend and I headed to Arizona while the weather there is still bearable. I love the desert but not when it’s blazing hot in the triple digits. We stayed in Scottsdale at the Mountain Shadow Resort, and it was the prefect place. I definitely recommend this place if you’re ever looking for a nice & stylish place to stay in Scottsdale.

Taking a dip in the pool during sunset.

Of course we had to add a hike to our trip. It wouldn’t be an adventure without a hike. We hiked Devils Bridge in Sedona. I’ve been wanting to do this hike and Im so glad we did. It’s not as intimidating as it looks:)

Don’t forget to stop and soak in the view.
Devils Bridge / 3.6 miles round trip

One of the last places we visited was was Saguaro National Park. I really enjoyed learning and seeing all the saguaros. Did you know that they can grow to be over 40 feet tall? Im only 4’11 so they were enormous to me lol. 

Outfit Details: Hat – Target / Top – Free People / Skirt – Free People / Boots – Zara
Saguaro National Park, Arizona

Life can get hectic and go off track, but sometimes its a good thing. In my case it was what I needed:)  

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