Southern Charm

About a month ago, I was reading Harper Bazaars list “The top 10 Most Romantic Weekend Getaways”, and number three on that list was Charleston, South Carolina. My sister lives in Georgia, which is a five hour drive away, so I thought it would be perfect to visit her and take a road trip out to Charleston. 

Strolling down Rainbow Row. Rainbow Row is a series of pastel colored houses along the waterfront. (Photo by: David Yang)
Taking pictures of cute houses, on our stroll.
I’m in love with every single house on this block!

We stayed in Downtown Charleston and was surrounded with good restaurants and lots of attraction. What I fell in love with instantly were all the historic buildings and homes with flower filled window boxes. I pretty much took all my outfit of the day photos in front of a window, see below. 

I loved the cracks and details on this building, it’s perfectly imperfect.
I can’t get enough of the cobblestone roads!

It rained almost everyday in downtown Charlston, but that didn’t stop us from exploring. The highlight of my trip were Folly Beach & Boone Hall Plantation. I loved how soft the sand was in Folly Beach and how peaceful it was strolling down along the shore. On our last day we stopped at Boone Hall Plantation and, oh-my, this place is absolutely gorgeous! The view from the drive way leading to the house is just breathtaking. You really have to check out this place to see how beautiful it really is. A little fun fact about this place is that the movie “The Notebook” was filmed here! One of my favorite movies of all time! 

Folly Beach, Folly Island.
The driveway at Boone Hall Plantation.
Front of the house at Boone Hall Plantation.
Oak Tree on the side of the house with beautiful moss hanging on the branches.
(Photo by: David Yang)

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