Free Your Mind

A three day weekend getaway to free my mind was what I needed. I’ve been a fashion designer for the past ten years and I love what I do. Being a designer is more than sketching, shopping and coming up with cool or pretty ideas. The industry is like a roller coaster and you have to be mentally prepared for the highs and most importantly the lows. 

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Tea Time

I got together with my girlfriends for some tea time at Morning Lavender in Tustin this past weekend. Read More

Shopping on SHEIN

Once in a while I would see postings from the clothing site SHEIN on intagram.  I would browse their site and add items to my cart, but can never fully commit because of the mixed reviews. Read More

Polka Dots

Big dots, little dots, polka dots are such a fun print! Can you tell I’m currently obsessed with dots? Read More

See ya 2017!

It’s been a minute since my last post, and so much has happened this year. I did lots of traveling, made new friends, got a promotion at work, collaborated with talented photographers, and the list goes on. Read More